Saturday, April 23, 2005



Whispers in my mind forever telling truths,
Challenge pathways in my soal that ache for pursuit.
Dispel the whispers? I've tried in vain,
In truth they exist and cannot be detained.

I search for that place where the spirit lives free,
Growing, thriving, reveling in the freedom to be.
I say I believe that that space does exist,
But the whispers remind me.

I know human nature and how easily it's swayed,
From its purpose, its course, the plan that it's made.
The slightest intrusion, a new concept to behold,
Alters one's intent, the truth be told.

Participants be gone, hopeful though they be,
Having invested in the dreams, while daring to be carefree.
I believed because I needed to, despite the threat,
In shared dreams, a future, and goals to be met.

I shared dreams with you and shared your joy,
Always believing that with feelings you would not toy.
Premature though they be at this point in time,
The whispers do haunt me, their truth and their rhyme.

You know, you know, how these things do go,
You've known from the start, although you did not show,
You mirrored the rhythm, the song, the intent,
Progressing slowly to the familiar lament.

It's not meant to be,
We never will see,
The dream's realization,
'Tis a fantasy's materialization.

The whispers tell truths that we cannot deny,
But, lessons learned in the past tend to be quite shy.
They bury their heads beneath the sand,
Temporary joy, at best, is at hand.


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